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ElectroMechanical Design

Integration of mechanisms, machinery, motors, sensors, and electronic control systems.

Manufacturing Engineering

Design, optimization, and management of processes and resources for efficient product creation.

Medical Device Design

We excels in healthcare, fusing tech and design for tailored, high-quality medical devices. We transform your vision into reality.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial equipment that ranges from heavy machinery, material control equipment, pumps, switches, PLC controls and electrical distribution system design.

On Site

Onsite engineering support for the provision of in-house or dedicated engineering expertise to assist with various technical tasks, projects, or ongoing operations.

Solidworks Design Engineering

Creating, modeling, and visualizing 3D product designs and engineering drawings using SolidWorks. SolidWorks is widely used in various industries to develop and optimize product designs efficiently.

FEA and

Powerful engineering technique used to analyze and assess the structural, thermal, and fluid behavior of complex objects and systems.